How Does One Become Environmentally Aware?

30 Sep

Thanks to the massive media exposure, we are well-informed of the present-day threats to our environment and of the possible consequences of neglecting these threats. We also know how to act eco-friendly. We know that we should sort garbage, save water and energy, buy only from green-certified businesses, etc. However, to many of us, these activities still seem like a chore that will take up extra time and effort that we don't always have to spare.

How can we change this? How do we make all the green-conscious activities a habitual and integral part of our lives? The answer is simple – we have to BE environmentally aware instead of just ACTING so.

What does environmental friendliness mean?

To find out what these words mean, we can, for example, look it up in Wikipedia. Its definition will mean acting in such a way that inflicts reduced, minimal, or no harm at all, upon the environment. This definition rather talks about a person’s attitude to what s/he does than about any specific activities. In other words, it suggests a particular environmental friendly mindset.

Adopting environmentally friendly mindset

As we have discussed, environmentally friendly – or environmentally aware – behavior centers around your attitude and your mindset. In practice, it means that you have to keep nature and environment on your mind at all times, whatever you are doing at the moment. It should influence your every activity. This includes all activities, even the most seemingly non-relating to the environment in any way.

Take, for example, online gambling. If you feel like playing some slots on your phone, you can just download a gaming app and go for it. But there will be so many apps, that you will have to choose from this variety. Making this choice, you can consider environmental awareness. For example, you can play a game like Nat Geo WILD Slots. It was commissioned by no less than the National Geographic Association and developed by Max Polyakov’s Murka. National Geographic Association has contributed a vast number of their great pictures of nature and indigenous cultures that the players can enjoy while spending their money in-game knowing that they will be donated to some of National Geographic Association's environmental initiatives.
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